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Our Story

I am Khadijah Johar, born and raised in Singapore, striving to live my purpose and engage my passions day by day.


I believe inside each and every one of us is one true authentic gift. Something we were born with. Something that is ours and ours alone - purpose and passion.

Hence in 2021 amidst the pandemic and uncertainty of the world, I mustered up the courage to start Kindred Jewels. A jewellery brand specialising in handwoven dainty beaded jewellery and accessories by combining traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. Every Kindred Jewels piece is carefully crafted and woven by my hands.

The art of bead weaving is incredibly rich with history. Beaded work can exemplify cultural values and traditions, and we hope to emulate them in our work. Though challenging, it is most fulfilling to see other women wearing our pieces.

Join us in this journey.

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